Yellow cake👅

This cake might look like it tates normal but its greatness in a 13×9 pan. It is like pound cake cupcakes. But really a cake! Basically, to sum it up, its pound cake with chocolate frosting. I actually used butter this time intead of oil to put into the mix. I believe it was by Betty Crocker. I dont know for sure because I dont want yo dig in the trash can for five minutes! But, I will definitly, from now on be using the creamy chocolate frosting by Betty Crocker and the Betty Crocker butter yellow cake mix. 

For and cake you make, I suggest using ‘same brand’ mix and frosting only because I think they want you to buy same brand anyway because of profit and they probably tested both of the products out. I also suggest doing Betty Crocker because she doea less ingredients to make a better cake.


Gabbys gourmet goodies

Hi! My name is Gabrielle, I am 9 years old, and I love to cook! So, I decided to tell and give my creations to you! With this blog, I plan to tell you all about the stuff I cook and bake. I will try to include a photo and the recipe of whatever I cook. Make sure to share your opinion in the comment section!  And if you have a similar recipe, make sure you tell me! I might just make it!